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Reclaimed Map: Late Day Shadows

Reclaimed Map: Late Day Shadows

2022, oil paint, cold wax, and vintage map on cradled wood panel

16" x 8"


​SHIPPING NOTICE: Free artwork pick-up available north of Boston and periodically in northern New Jersey. Shipping charge $20. Please reach out with any questions.

  • About the work:

    If a map is a diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea, can it also tell a story? And can that story have layers, historic and built on, that collaboratively bring us somewhere new?

    The maps in this series are pulled from a vintage atlas, and chosen by the ways in which the colors can correspond with land, sea, and sky. 

    What is cold wax?: Cold wax is a buttery soft paste made of beeswax and a small amount of solvent and resin that can be mixed with oil paint on the palette. Cold wax adds body, transparency and depth to the paint, making it possible to layer, scratch through to previous layers, and collage in materials.

    Work comes ready to hang with picture wire.

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